43 statement back sewing patterns | The Pattern Edit

43 statement back sewing patterns | The Pattern Edit

There’s something about a statement back that just screams main character energy. Whether its a summer dress, a party piece or a simple top with a twist, statement backs are a design feature guaranteed to wow. And don’t think a statement back means you have to forgo the bra, plenty of these have bra strap friendly options.

Where possible I have included the size chart for each pattern. Swipe across on each picture of the pattern to see it.

1. Clématisse Pattern Cassandre dress

2. Muna Patterns Party Emerald dress

3. Paradise Patterns Ilima dress

4. Muna Patterns party dress

5. I Am Patterns Chérie-Chérie top

6. I Am Patterns Aphrodite dress

7. Tessa Russa Iisa blouse

8. Atelier Scammit Artesane blouse or dress

9. Fieldwork patterns Amy tie back summer top

10. Untitled Thoughts Nathalie bodysuit and top

11. You Made My Day patterns Top, overalls and dress 19

12. Tilly and the Buttons Romy top and dress

13. Untitled Thoughts Amelie dress

14. Deer and Doe Pensée dress and top

15. Laela Jeyne Patterns Camille Dress

16. Workshop Peggy Top

17. Orageuse Épicéa blouse

18. Cashmerette Webster top and dress

19. I am patterns Sirius jumper

20. French Poetry Libra bodysuit

21. Stitch Witch patterns Atlas top

22. Stitch Witch patterns Bathurst top

23. You Made My Day Patterns 1st of June Anne, Charlotte & Cindy Dress

24. Victory Patterns Frances dress

25. Florence Fernandez Rose Dress

26. Florence Fernandez Camelia Dress

27. Ma Petite Garde-Robe Esquisse blouse

28. Charlotte de Cha’coud Zita dress

30. Charlotte de Cha’coud Mona dress

31. Ma Petite Fabrique Fanny blouse

32. Petite & French Chelsea top

33. Caroline Muller Polka blouse and dress

34. Wissew Vermillon dress

35. Atelier Maelström Orgueil blouse

36. Sewing and the City Perry top

37. Forget-me-not patterns Lola blouse and dress

38. Bélène Paris Alicante dress

39. Bélène Paris Andorre blouse

40. Bélène Paris Rosa top

41. Bélène Paris Avila jumpsuit

42. Sarah Kirsten Morning Glory Top

43. Cozy Little World Tuileries dress

44. Cozy Little World Alésia dress


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