Planning my makes: Spring 2020

Planning my makes: Spring 2020

AD – pr | This post contains fabric that has been gifted to me but this post is not part of the collaboration. Fabric that has been given to me is marked with a *

I love sewing planning. Whether it’s searching for inspiration, matching patterns to fabric or doing moodboards I love all aspects of it. But last year I got out of the habit of planning my makes and I ended up with quite a few I didn’t wear. (If you’d like to read my post on last year’s makes you can find that here.)

This year though I have great plans to sew more consciously and for every project to fill a gap in my wardrobe. So my rule is that if I can’t be bothered to do a moodboard for it, I evidently don’t want it enough. The exception to this is projects which are in my UFO box.

I’m not going to be doing the traditional make nine that is popular among makers, instead I’m going to do quarterly seasonal plans. For each season I have three set(ish) plans that I have the fabric for and one extra plan that I might make if I have time and motivation. Any fabric that isn’t included in these plans is therefore absent from my mind even if it is in my stash.

In a year which is expected to be quite unplannable I think this seems like a good middle ground which allows me to plan without feeling overwhelmed by a big pile of fabric and endless ideas.

Sew Over It Anna coat

Sizes available: UK 8-20 / hip 36 – 40 inches
Planned size: 12 (this pattern is designed with a few inches ease so I don’t need to grade between sizes.)

The Sew Over It Anna coat will fill a hole I have in my wardrobe for outerwear needed when the weather is too warm for a wool coat and too cold for a leather jacket. The pattern doesn’t come with a lining so I’m going to draft the lining myself.

I’ve seen check all over the shops recently, most notably in the Prada coat below, and I love the dark academia/Enola Holmes look it gives a trench. The New Craft House have sent me some of their houndstooth fabric* and camel lining* to make this in which I think is going to look fabulous. It will me more drapey than the pattern image as this is a lighter weight but that will suit the look I want better.

Tilly and the Buttons Freya top

Sizes available: UK 6-20 / hip 33 – 47 inches
Planned size: UK 12

My Tilly and the Buttons Freya tops have been my most worn tops over the last year as I love that they keep my neck warm without being restrictive. They make me feel like I’ve made a bit of an effort on days when I have to look smart enough for work calls but want to wear something comfortable.

I have one cut out in this warm dark brown meetMILK tencel jersey from Sew Me Sunshine. It is a lot lighter weight than previous Freyas so it will be interesting to see how this looks in comparison. I also have some white jersey tencel so that may turn into a puffed sleeve hack of the pattern.

Sew Over It Hackney shirt

Sizes available: UK mens XS-XXL / chest 36 – 46 inches
Planned size: mens XS, graded down to fit my shoulders and height

There are unintentionally two patterns from Sew Over It in my plans so I evidently haven’t done well with branching out but I think I can be forgiven as this seems like a marvellous plan. I made the Hackney shirt last year for my boyfriend and enjoyed discovering all the new techniques involved in shirt-making.

I’m planning on making this shirt in white linen* from Minerva Crafts which I think will look wonderful throughout the year. It will have a contrast yoke which I’ll also be using on the cuffs and collar. The contrast fabric is a lightweight Atelier Brunette cotton* also from Minerva Crafts. I’ve graded it down in a very experimental, definitely not professional way so it may look atrocious but I’m hoping it will be a success.

Deer and Doe Agave skirt

Sizes available: EU 34-52 / hip 39 3/4 – 48 inches
Planned size: 40 waist graded to 42 hip

My stretch goal is the Deer and Doe Agave skirt that I’ll make if I have time before it gets warm. Last winter I practically lived in my Tilly and the Buttons Ness skirt. It was such a staple in my wardrobe that I’ve decided I need another skirt in a neutral colour. I’ve seen a few wrap skirts made in leather-look fabric and think they can look really classy. Definitely a far cry from the skin-tight leather mini skirt with a zip up the front that I had in university!

I love the shape of the Agave and am particularly happy that is has a lining. I’m going to use some brushed cotton leftover from my foray into pyjama making which will make it oh so cosy. The brushed cotton was from the Village Haberdashery which is sold out but the same fabric is currently available from the fabric guys. I haven’t decided on the leather-look fabric yet as I think this will require ordering some samples but there is some in stock in Textile Express that looks promising.

And that’s it for now! It feels quite a relief to only have three set plans and one stretch goal. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the size of your fabric stash I really recommend this approach. Happy sewing!


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