ad | Why I had a break from sewing and my Size:Me Sewing Florence skirt review

ad | Why I had a break from sewing and my Size:Me Sewing Florence skirt review

*this post is in partnership with Size:Me Sewing*

About two months ago I went through a phase where I didn’t sew anything as the brainpower required was a lot more than I had ready to use at that moment. Work changes coupled with lockdown 2.0 meant that my days were spent working, reading, trying to re-teach myself piano or cross stitching. And although those are perfectly valid uses of time I did feel a little guilty about not sewing.

That feeling of guilt gradually went away as I relaxed into lockdown life again and let myself do what felt right in that moment instead of forcing myself to sew.

And then one day, I got out my sewing machine. It wasn’t a conscious decision I just found myself picking it up as I walked past it. I didn’t do anything with it, just put it on the table and plugged it in. It sat there for a couple of days patiently waiting for me to take the next step.

The first thing I picked up to sew was the Size:Me Florence skirt which I had cut out before my sewing break. It looked fairly straightforward but had enough interest in it to give me that euphoric sense of accomplishment only a crafter can know. That first night I think I only stitched about 4 seams but it felt good.

Choosing the Size:Me Florence skirt was as excellent decision as the pattern is printed to your measurements (there is also the option to buy a standard size if you prefer) so there was no pesky fitting business to bother about. You simply watch this YouTube video to take your measurements, put them in when ordering the pattern et voila! A pattern personalised with your name made to fit you.

The final skirt is so swooshy and wonderful that I feel like spinning round everywhere I go. I made it with fabric from the Florence skirt kit they also sell which comes in multiple fabrics and am thrilled with how many things it will go with in my wardrobe.

Give yourself permission to not sew.

So if you ever lose your momentum when sewing then take this advice. Give yourself permission to not sew. Take a step back and try something new whether thats reading a book, teaching yourself to play piano or something entirely different. Those reigns you feel lashing yourself to your machine forcing you to feel guilty for not wanting to sew every hour of the day will slacken and fade until they are no more. And then, free from your own judgement, you can find the joy in creating again.


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  1. December 1, 2020 / 9:08 pm

    I know exactly how you feel. I spend so much time sewing for SIZE:me and not for my own pleasure I find it a burden and no longer a joy
    Thanks for letting me know it’s not just me.


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