Craft kits for beginners

If you’re anything like me you’re wanting to try ALL OF THE CRAFTS AT THE SAME TIME to get you through this lockdown with a semi-functioning mental state. But when it comes to new crafts it can be hard to know where to start.

That’s why I’ve put together this blog post of fun crafts for complete newbies, and if you’ve done the craft before they are interesting enough to be fun too! I’ve picked my fave item from each shop to show you but all of these shops are wonderful so do check their other products out too. I’ve tried as much as possible to only include kits that have everything you need so you don’t have to buy any additional supplies.

Of course this isn’t a completely extensive list but I’ll be sure to add to it as I am recommended new shops.


Lauren Aston Designs – Chunky Knit Crown

Let’s face it, there was no way I wasn’t going to start this post without an adorable dog was there?! Especially one wearing a cute crown. I think this would be the perfect simple pattern to knit up a few and send them to your pals as a little pick me up. No one can be sad when they are wearing a crown.


Stitch & Story – Crochet Slippers

Stitch & Story have so many wonderful kits to choose from but I think this is my fave. My slippers have nearly worn through from overuse this month so these are definitely on my shopping list.

We are Knitters – Shopping Bag

This bag is made of fabric yarn which is great for beginners as it is soft on your hands and thick so it doesn’t take long to look like you’ve done something. And even better news – if you order from WAK I have a discount code so you can get £10 (or the equivalent in your currency) off your order! The code is: MGMAGNUT7


Wool and the Gang – Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame a.k.a. tying knots to create a Pinterest worthy wall hanging. It’s surprisingly therapeutic.


The Village Haberdashery – Virginia Woolf tapestry kit

If you have ever thought “You know what is missing in my life? A tapestry of Virginia Woolf” then you are in luck. It’s a printed canvas so it’s basically painting by numbers but with needles.

The Make Arcade – Cross Stitch Kit

The Make Arcade are well known for their cross stitch and embroidery kits and I don’t think it needs any explanation why I chose this one as my current favourite.

Sew Botanical – hanging embroidery kit

I don’t really need to say much to sell this kit other than HUBBA HUBBA!


Spellbound Bead Co – beaded dragon earrings

The most adorable little beaded earrings you ever did see. Spellbound sell lots of these beaded earring kits and I promise you they are actually quite easy to make. If you can thread a needle you’re already halfway there.


Like Sew Amazing – beeswax wrap kit

I think this kit is best described as the craft kit for people who think they don’t like crafting. It’s super easy, fun to do, requires absolutely zero craft knowledge and you get something practical out of it at the end. What’s not to love.

Happy Fabric – Vinyl Starter Kit

Whether you want to decorate your clothes, placemats, shoes, books these bundles have fun coloured vinyls and pre-cut shapes so you can pimp out all of the things to your hearts content.

Know of a wonderful craft, shop or kit I’ve missed off this list? Add it in a comment and I’ll check it out and add it on!


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