It’s Sew Magic

It’s Sew Magic

“It’s times like these we learn to live again”

I didn’t ever think I’d ever be quoting The Foo Fighters to open a blog post but what can I say… social distancing does weird things to you!

Across the globe it’s a bit of a funny time. Life has changed for a lot of us and that can be unsettling. After years of working in an office being around people all day I’m slowly adjusting to being in my flat 24/7 (apart from the odd turn around the park). It’s tough not being able to see friends and family with the ease we were used to, and knowing it is for a good reason doesn’t always help when we are feeling down.

One thing I have felt has helped me is losing myself down a rabbit hole of social media. One pro to having ALL OF THE TIME is I no longer feel guilty about spending time chatting to people on the internet. It gives me that bit of human connection that is missing in my day.

With this in mind I’ve been trying to keep my instagram active but I’ve found it really hard to create content I’m really happy with when I am stuck at home all say. My tiny London flat isn’t exactly instagram material! And so that got me thinking… if I can’t actually go fun places why can’t I use a little photoshop magic to make it happen? And thus It’s Sew Magic was born.


Throughout April my photos will be full of magical happiness in the hope it lifts your spirits. I chose to include ‘sew’ in the hashtag as I’ll still be sharing my handmade clothes of course, but instead of being photographed in my flat I’ll be high in the clouds, in an enchanted forest or even steering a pirate ship… the possibilities are endless!

My plan is to upload a photo Monday to Friday on my instagram @thestitchedit at 6pm GMT. Some makes will be new, some makes old but all photos will have a bit of a fantasy feel. I’ll also share some behind the scenes photos so you can see what they used to look like. I think it’s worth mentioning that all the editing will be on the world around me, not on me, my clothes or my body which I think is very important.

Now this is where you come in

We may not be able to meet in person “foreseeable future” but I’d love to meet you in my fantasy world (please read that in a non creepy way…). I’m also going to be creating some group photos and would love you to get involved. If you are interested in being in a photo then please message me on instagram with your email address or email me and I’ll send you more information. All you need is a decent camera to take your photo, a camera phone will be fine.

Or maybe you are a dab hand a photoshop and want to share your own fantasy photos? I’d love you to get involved and use the hashtag #ItsSewMagic if you do give it a go. And even if you haven’t used photoshop before (I hadn’t ever tried editing on photoshop before last weekend!) then why don’t you give it a try? I’ll also be sharing some ways you can create magical photos without photoshop like collages, paintings or big Art Attack style pictures up using that excellent stash to create images so you can still get involved.

A not so subtle sneak peek of tomorrows photo featuring @sewingfordais

Well that was a fair bit of information I just threw at you but as you can probably tell, I’m quite excited! I hope you like this idea and enjoy the photos!


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