DIY Tulle Party Dress

DIY Tulle Party Dress

When I saw Sarah from Like Sew Amazing share this amazing tulle fabric on instagram I knew I had to have it. I had no plan of what to do with it but it looked like it was drapey, baby pink and a bargain at only £3 a metre. What more could you want! I bought 4 metres and this dress used all of it and could easily have used a few more.

I don’t get chance to dress up much so when The New Craft House announced that their Christmas party theme was disco I thought with a bit of added sparkle I could make this work. Sorry for the blurry photo… disco lights don’t make it easy to focus!

I started off drafting a simple cami top using one I already had as a base (if you don’t want to draft one you could use the True Bias Ogden Cami), using the same fabric to bias bind the armholes and straps.

To make the skirt I cut 3 strips of fabric to make the tiers. There wasn’t any maths to it as I eyeballed it but essentially I cut the longest strip first down the entire length of the fabric for the bottom tier, a piece using the width of the fabric for the top tier then cut a piece that was halfway between the two lengths for the middle tier.

The tulle is beautiful plain but I wanted to jazz it up so I added stars to each layer using Happy Glitter vinyl from Happy Fabric in Rose Gold and Burgundy (unsure if these specific colours were gifted or purchased but I’ve worked with them in the past and I love them). I used this large star hole punch from Fiskars which worked perfectly on the vinyl. If you do use a hole punch make sure to take off the plastic backing from the vinyl before you cut it otherwise it will blunt the hole punch.

Once I’d ironed on the stars I gathered the three tiers (use contrasting thread, it’s soo much easier!) and attached them to each other and the bodice. As a little extra detail I layered each lower tier over the upper tier instead of sewing them right sides together which gives this little ruffle effect.

I was anticipating the fabric would be tricky to sew with but it actually went through my machine (Pfaff Quilt Ambition 2.0) like a dream. If you are concerned you could use Wondertape which is a double sided tape you stick on the seam line which dissolves in water and is great for less stable fabrics. Another great thing about this fabric is you don’t need to finish the edges as it doesn’t fray!

I’m really happy with how this dress turned out and even though I won’t have many chances to wear it out, swanning around my flat in it layered over a t-shirt and jeans is my new favourite working from home outfit. After all, pretty clothes deserve to be worn!


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