Mode at Rowan Dream jumper review

Mode at Rowan Dream jumper review

This jumper was born out of an email that was filled with so much excitement. It was the beginning of summer when I got an email from Rowan Yarns inviting me to the launch of their new collection – Mode at Rowan.

Now this was a Very Big Deal. They wanted me?! Little old me who had only ever knitted a couple of nobbly hats and one jumper before?! Me at one of their blogger events?! I was flabbergasted.

Well obviously I jumped at the chance to go and had a wonderful time there watching the models wearing the new collection, chatting to other crafters and trying on the collection. I fell in love with the Dream jumper (it’s not the one in the next photo, this is one of their other lovely designs) there as it was perfectly cropped to tuck into high waisted jeans and super cosy so when I was offered a kit to try out I had to go for that.

The shade I chose was a dusky pink colour I thought would compliment the rest of my wardrobe nicely. The wool is super soft and surprisingly doesn’t irritate my skin which most wool does. Winning!

I made size medium which I’m hindsight was a little big. I probably should have made the small as it’s quite heavy so it pulls off my shoulders a bit. But on the plus side this means it is super cosy so I actually quite like it.

I had a tester version of the kit so there were a few head scratching moments (however I now have the final version and can confirm they sorted all those bits out) but in general it was quite an easy knit for a beginner. The cables on my version are a lot tighter than the ones on the final version they released and I think their version is an improvement. Maybe at some point I’ll unpick the sleeves and do it again but right now I’m pretty happy with it.

The only tricky bit for me was picking up the stitches to make the collar. I hadn’t done this before and I’m not positive it was done completely correctly but hey, it looks ok to me.

There was one thing I didn’t do and that was block the jumper. In fact, I didn’t even realise blocking was a thing until someone mentioned it on Instagram! For other beginners like me it’s when you make it wet to make it all mesh together. Terrible explanation but here’s a blog post which explains it much better than I can. To experienced knitters not blocking probably seems like a big deal, I’d imagine it’s the knitting equivalent to not hanging your dress before hemming it, but to be honest it’s wearable and I like it how it is so that’s good enough for me.

Despite the fact this isn’t perfect, I’m really happy with how it turned out and it has properly gotten me into knitting. I’ve already started my next project which is a scarf from the Mode at Rowan range so check back in approximately 6 months to see how that one goes!


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