Tilly and the Buttons Ness skirt | My ride or die

Tilly and the Buttons Ness skirt | My ride or die

I hold my hands up. I took forever to write a review of this skirt. And it wasn’t because I didn’t like it or didn’t know what to say, it’s because it fitted so seamlessly into my wardrobe that I just kind of… forgot.

It’s no exaggeration to say this skirt goes with 90% of the tops I own. The rust brown is the perfect neutral to go with most things, it fits really well and it is the perfect length to boot. It’s not so long that it feels frumpy yet it’s long enough to make you feel like you can move about without risking a knicker flash.

I chose to make mind in a lightweight fake suede from Stof & Stil. My vision for the outfit was it was going to match the Seamwork Audrey jacket I’m also making (for 3 months and counting…). As that jacket is still in pieces I thought I’d at least bring you my review of the pattern.

Pattern details

Fabric: faux suede from Stof & Stil
Fabric length: unsure exactly but I got the Ness skirt and Audrey jacket out of 2m of 1.5m wide fabric.
Size: 4

What I changed

I took in the waist at the sides as it was a little big. I also decided to leave the button off the front, partly because I like the look without but mainly because I was sewing it up on my old machine which I didn’t have a buttonhole foot for. I also left off the belt loops through sheer laziness. I’ve never felt the need to put a belt with the skirt so I think that was a good move.

If you need any help on fitting the Ness skirt I highly recommend this blog post the TATB team did.

What I’d change if I made it again

Instead of taking in the waist at the sides I’d curve the back yoke more so it sat flat against my back. And at some point I suppose I’ll add a button to the front… I just find button sourcing so hard!

Overall thoughts

I fully expected to be cursing this skirt throughout the whole process as there are so. many. pieces. but I have to say… I was completely wrong. Yes it’s an involved make and yes it felt like it was never ending sometimes but you know what? It was an absolute pleasure too.

The instructions were so clear it felt like I had someone holding my hand through the process. The structure of the pattern means you feel quite motivated as the main bit of the skirt comes together quite quickly. And if you’re wary of putting in that pesky zip fly then don’t be as they have a YouTube video that is super simple to follow.

I won’t be making this again in a hurry as I reeeeally need to finish that damn jacket so won’t be taking on another involved project right now. But I do love the pattern so I will be using it to make a denim skirt when I have more time.


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