Deer and Doe Magnolia dress review| Feline Fancy

Deer and Doe Magnolia dress review| Feline Fancy

I ain’t lion, I’m so full of pride every time I wear this dress. Safari I can see this dress is the cat’s pyjamas. It looks pretty much purrrfect, but when I was making it I did cheetah bit as the I was up against it to finish it on time. I hope you have a furry good sense of puma as if you are reading this and haven’t spotted all the cat puns I’ve fur-tively shoehorned in to this… are you feline ok? That’s all the puns for the meowment. I’ll meow-ve on to the review now…

Ok so I did get a bit carried away there but in all seriousness I do love this dress. I originally planned on wearing it for New Years Eve but ended up having to make a choice between catching my train and finishing the dress. It isn’t a complex make but it does have a lot of pieces so it takes a while if you princess seam them all.


Dress statistics

Pattern: Deer and Doe Magnolia dress

Fabric: leopard print crepe from Stof & Stil

Fabric length: My fabric was in two sections each 2.5m long but I think it would have taken 3 metres if it were a

Size: 40


What I changed

  • Shortened by about 20cm and then did a deep hem as it is made for literal giants. I wanted it a long midi length but I have been thinking of taking it up another 5cm so it is properly midi length.
  • Raised the slit by 4cm.
  • Redrafted the sleeves to be slim fitting.
  • Didn’t add the waist tie


What I’d change if I made it again

Well I can tell you exactly what I’d change… as I have made it again! I’ve worn this dress for pretty much every event this year so I decided it was about time I made the short version with fluted sleeves as a summer one. I chose this gingham viscose which was a bargain at £3 per metre from Rainbow Fabrics Kilburn.

  • Took out the zip as in this fabric it ended up too big. No idea why but probably to do with it being a viscose with a bit of give in it as opposed to a the crepe I made it in before which didn’t.
  • Added the waist tie to bring in the sides.
  • Lined the front bodice pieces.


What I’d change if I made it again… again…

If I were to make my winter version again I’d raise the slit a smidge more, shorten it a bit further and take in the sleeves. I’d also make the non-plunge version instead. Having made the plunge one before and finding it too low I meant to make the higher cut one but got the pattern pieces mixed up when I was cutting it. I’d also possibly size down on the waist and take in the shoulders as it is a bit big there. This isn’t obvious in the crepe version as it is heavier fabric but it is in the lightweight viscose. And if I was feeling reeeelly adventurous I’d properly line it to make it all pretty inside.

It’s pretty obvious I love this dress and can see me making the pattern again. I feel like the top would also look super cute as a jumpsuit so maybe a hack of that will happen at some point…

I leave you with a rather fetching photo of me pretending to be Dorothy lost in London.


Eternally paws (ok now I swear I’ll stop with the animal puns)

Alice-May x


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