Things I’m excited for this summer

Things I’m excited for this summer

I feel like this weekend was the first proper summer weekend London as had this year and I am HERE. FOR. IT. I used to be such a hater of summer as I hated getting my pasty white legs out and I get sick from being out in the sun too long. This year though, I’m determined to make the most of this glorious weather, starting with embracing the anticipation of things to come. So here’s what I’m excited for this summer.

1. Nursing slightly warm cider in sunny beer gardens.

2. Not having to wear a jacket (but packing a cardigan “just in case”)

3. Making the most of my Art Fund card and discovering new places for freeeeee.

4. My season long hunt to find vanilla mini milks. All other ice cream flavours are inferior.

5. Leading on from that… ice cream being an acceptable breakfast.

6. Gins in tins in the park.

7. The smell of summer rain. Preferably in the countryside but London’ll do I guess.

8. It being light when you leave work in the morning.

9. And still light when you get back from work!

10. Admiring strangers colourful outfits. (She says writing this in a packed tube carriage full of people in denim, black and grey)

11. No bra days. I know Cosmo said in 2004 that you shouldn’t not wear a bra if you are over a c cup, the boob sweat issues are real and holding your skirt down and boobs in place whilst running after the ice cream van is a feat worthy of a World Cup, but I love not fearing I’ll poke someone’s eye out with my frozen nipples every time I move.

12. Publishing summer hours. It’s a thing. It’s excellent.

13. Picnics where the food is entirely beige.

14. Open air cinemas. The one in Kings Cross is excellent. It’s a giant screen by the canal and is free!

15. Festival season. And I’m not talking Glastonbury or anything crazy like that, I mean the little daytime festivals where you don’t end up covered in mud and piss and are able to go home afterwards.

16. My birthday! Woo yeah woo! Despite that fact it has thunderstormed on my birthday without fail for the last three years I am still buzzing to have all my favourite people in one place.

So yes, I’ll probably curse every morning getting the fire pit of hell that is the central line to work, and yes, I’ll probably drop at least two ice creams this year, and it will be a miracle if I manage to get through the summer without burning my parting but despite all these things summer is lush and I am buzzing for it.

Outfit details

Headband: handmade by me, fabric from Sew Me Sunshine

Bag: River Island

Jacket: vintage

Yellow seamstress pin: Pink Coat Club

Sewing machine pin and resting stitch face: Punky Pins

Skirt: handmade by me, fabric from Stof & Stil

Shoes: Asos


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