My top 5 sewing patterns of 2018

My top 5 sewing patterns of 2018

Whilst perusing YouTube and blogs over the winter break I have come across a fair few round ups of favourite beauty products/ fashion items/ books etc and I thought it would be fun to do my own version featuring my favourite makes this year. I’ve made a lot more items than I thought I would this year (of which you can find a full list at the end of this blog post) and whilst some have been questionable at best, there have also been some I have absolutely loved.

1. Sew Over It Camille jumpsuit – blog link here

My most complex make, my favourite make and my proudest make is my Camille jumpsuit, despite the fabric being the most crease and fray prone rayon I’ve ever worked with. I don’t think any of my makes have ever gotten as many compliments as this one and people are always surprised when I say I’ve made it as, to quote my sister, “it looks bought”. I’ve been eyeing up fabric for a playsuit and trouser version of this, and will definitely be making another jumpsuit in a less crease-prone fabric.

2. Deer and Doe Zephyr dress

My last make of the year was from a pattern I didn’t choose myself. I hadn’t heard of this dress until I was given it by some friends for my birthday but it was so much fun to make. For a jersey dress it was actually quite complex and time consuming due to the princess seams on the bodice and top stitching on every seam, but it fits so well it was worth it.

3. Sew Over It ultimate culottes – blog link here

Oh culottes how I do love thee. Your flowing comfiness, your stylish drape and your cries of “its not a skirt, look” are joy to my legs. Let our lunges be long and our kicks be high.

Seriously though, I love this pattern as I think it is quite flattering. It was my first trouser pattern and was super easy to fit and sew up so has made sewing trousers seem a lot more manageable.

4. Sew Over It Eve dress – blog link here

This is third Sew Over It pattern in this round-up, making it the heavyweight brand this year. This is probably more of a reflection on it being the first brand I discovered than it being better than any other brand but it is still a well-deserved title as this was my favourite dress of summer. The fit and finish wasn’t perfect on this so I’d make adjustments on my next one but I have fabric for a top version so that will happen soon.

5. Tilly and the Buttons Cleo dress – blog link here

Could it even be a round up without mentioning the sewists of instagram’s favourite? Pinafores are a bit of a thing in my workplace so I think I’ve gotten even more use out of these because of that. My third is partly sewn up and ready to go.

My 2018 makes

I won’t do a full round up of every item I’ve made this year as this would be a long round up but I’ve rated how likely it would be I’d make the pattern again and left a link if I did a blog post on it. There were 25 items in total, of which five were gifts which is pretty good going for my first year of sewing I think! Four of the items were not made from a pattern so I haven’t included them in this list.

Sew Over It ultimate shift dress – highly unlikely as it doesn’t suit me

Tilly and the Buttons Cleo pinafore x2 – highly likely

Tilly and the Buttons Françoise dress – likely if I can’t nail the fit

Sew Over It Zoe dress x2 – likely if I ever need another shift dress

By Hand London Anna dress – likely but not the first dress I reach for

Butterick 6318 dress – unlikely as it isn’t really my style

Sew Over It ultimate culottes x2 – highly likely

Simplicity 8635 dress – unlikely as there were so many fit issues

By Hand London kimono tutorial – unlikely as I love it but one is enough

Sew Over It Eve dress – highly likely

Sew Over It ultimate tie (gift) – highly unlikely as it came out awfully

Vogue 9253 dress – highly likely but in a draper fabric

Seamwork Fraser jumper – likely if I decide I need another sweater

Sew Over It Edie top (gift) – highly likely and fabric bought for one for me

True Bias Ogden cami top (gift) – likely as a gift but highly unlikely for me as this is an awful shape on me

Sew Over It Camille jumpsuit – highly likely

Megan Nielsen Rowan top (gift) – highly likely and fabric bought for one for me

Deer and Doe Zephyr dress – highly likely

and that’s it! It’s been quite a year of makes and I’m looking forward to all I have planned next year.


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