Sew Over It Camille Jumpsuit: The make that changed things

Sew Over It Camille Jumpsuit: The make that changed things

Since making this jumpsuit I have had a few unusual ‘compliments’.

  1. You are autumn (from my boyfriend)
  2. You look like a smart but sexy Santa (from a friend)
  3. I haven’t seen one of those since the war (from my grandma)

To be honest I’m pretty ok with all of these comments. So if you are wanting to make the Camille jumpsuit and feel like an autumnal white-bearded land girl then read on.

This jumpsuit was the reason I bought the Work to Weekend ebook. It looked such a classic cut and I love the high waist. My smallest part is just below the rib cage so I find that silhouette the most flattering. I thought it would be a great outfit to wear to work when I had drinks planned in a swanky bar after. (Although not too swanky – publishing isn’t as glamorous as it sounds).

Pattern: Sew Over It Camille jumpsuit

Fabric: rust viscose twill from the man outside Sainsbury’s in Walthamstow market

Fabric length: 2.5 metres

Size: 12

I made the version with pockets which caused no end of hassle, partly because I was using a fabric without an obvious wrong side so I got confused and made two left legs… only realising when I came to sew them together, and partly because of the instructions.

If you are a sewing company reading this the please please please don’t put black polka dot fabric with a matching thread in your pattern images as it is practically impossible to work out what is going on. I feel like those darn pockets took years off my life through the stress they caused, and I add pockets to everything! They were worth doing but if you’re making these and have issues following the instructions, the construction is for a normal in-seam pocket so follow any pattern with that type of pocket and you’ll be fine.

What I changed

  • Took the hem up by 5cm before sewing, then did a deep hem to take off the excess 3cm in length. I hemmed it to work with flat shoes as that’s what I’ll wear it with most of the time, so it’s a bit short with these heeled boots. I’m 5’4.5″ for reference.

What I’d change if I made it again

  • I’d take the shoulders in 1-2cm. I always note this in Sew Over It patterns but have never actually made the change as I chicken out it then won’t fit if I don’t follow the pattern. Anyone else get this fear?
  • The sleeves. Oh my days those sleeves. This is definitely not a dancing or even working in an office and having to get books off shelves jumpsuit as the sleeves are so restricting. I’ve already split the seam reaching across my desk to reach a pen! I’ve heard that you can fix this by raising the bottom of the armhole so I’ll make a few adjustments before doing it next time.
  • The fabric. It is beautiful but girl does it crease! I barely have to look at this jumpsuit and it looks like I’ve just rolled out of bed in it. It does work really well with the drape as it isn’t as clingy as other fabrics, but I do find the ease with which it creases puts me off wearing it sometimes.

Despite the tantrums, shoulder seams, creasing, restrictive arms and pocket drama I do love this jumpsuit. It makes me feel an absolute boss wearing it and is so striking people are always surprised when I casually mention *read: practically yell in their face* that I made it. I feel like I’ve turned a corner in my sewing with this make. I loved the look of it so much that I was determined not to be put off by it being described as “involved” which is definitely not a lie. It showed me how if you break down a make that looks complicated into little steps it isn’t so scary after all.

The pattern also comes with a trouser version but the waistband is so high I honestly can’t see how it would be comfortable at all. However, if you are in the market for a structured jumpsuit pattern then I thoroughly recommend this pattern. Just maybe make a toile of the bodice first to check how the sleeves fit as it has made me realise that being able to lift my arms is a thoroughly underrated movement. A girls gotta dance sometimes!

The Edie top

As I’m not going to do a blog post on it, I thought now would be a good time to mention I have recently made the Edie top which is also a pattern in the Work to Weekend ebook. I used the softest, snuggliest, most expensive fabric I’ve ever bought from The Village Haberdashery.

There isn’t much to say on this pattern as it is just a simple jersey top, but it is a great pattern for beginners to jersey, or for making as a present as it only took me two hours to cut the pattern, fabric and make it.

I was a bit dubious about making it as the neckline looks wide but I’m pleased to report it covers bra straps and that’s a win in my book.

I made a size 10 as it is for my mum and it actually fits me ok but I probably would make a 12 for me as it’s a bit tight across the bust and hips. I’d also take about 8cm off the length as it is looooong. It does keep your bum quite toasty though!


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