SOI Ultimate Culottes | Welcome to comfort town!

SOI Ultimate Culottes | Welcome to comfort town!

“And lunge 2, 3, 4, squat 2, 3, 4, jump 2, 3, 4”

Posing in culottes always turns me into a wannabe 80s fitness instructor. It’s just so tricky to do elegantly but I gave it my best shot.

These are my super comfy Sew Over It ultimate culottes made with crepe I bought at the knitting and stitching show (I thiiink from Simply Fabrics).I finished these on Saturday and then wore them that evening to the theatre that evening… and then to Brighton on Sunday… and then to work on Monday! I might like them just a little.

These were actually quite a quick make. I was a little concerned about embarking on trouser-making for the first time but the ever-simple instructions from Sew Over It made it so easy. Did I ever mention how much I love their patterns?

I made the view with the added waistband in size 10 and they fitted perfectly widthwise. However, due to being short in the body they do come up super high. I don’t mind that so much though as culottes can make my legs look stumpy so this helps add the illusion of length.This pattern is a 10/10 for me. I’m definitely going to make a few more pairs to see me through summer.

I think this pattern would be a great one to make out of fabrics you don’t feel “suit” you as it will be far enough away from your face not to matter. For example, I love yellow but it tends to make me look a bit ill. Yellow culotttes, here I come!

And because I think you’ll appreciate the photo of me proving they are culottes…


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