BHL Anna Dress: My little red dress

BHL Anna Dress: My little red dress

On our recent trip to Cork we went to Sage restaurant in Midleton, a restaurant which sources all its food from within 12 miles. Eco-friendly and absolutely scrumptious, what more could a girl need?!

Oh, a new dress of course! Enter stage left: my newly sewn By Hand London Anna Dress in red rayon twill from Sew Over It.

This dress was an absolute dream to sew up. The instructions were as simple as pie and even with doing French seams on every seam there wasn’t one point where I was like “can it just be done already”! This was my first time doing French seams and in hindsight, I probably would have tried it on a fabric which had an obvious right and wrong side. It did get a little confusing!

The only bit where I struggled was matching up the seams when attaching the skirt to the top. It will bug me every time I wear it that is is half a centimetre off but at least no one will be able to tell unless they are staring at my midriff. And if they are… well I think they have bigger issues than my mismatched seams to deal with!

For sizing reference: I made a size 12 and made no alterations to it. Next time I make it I may add a couple of small darts at the back of the neckband as I find it doesn’t sit flat across my shoulders. I’d also take a centimetre off the sleeves each side as I feel they stick out a little too much.

Another plus to the Anna dress is the a-line skirt makes it quite flattering. I had eaten a three course meal in these photos and was still super comfortable in my dress. I have my eye on making the maxi version next… and many more!

It can’t just be me that makes overdressed items for non-events. What is the most ridiculous excuse you’ve used for a new outfit?


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      That’s so kind of you to say! Thank you Logan X

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