Annie Sloan painted bookcase

Annie Sloan painted bookcase

I always think bank holiday weekends are the best time for big craft projects. You have three or four days to take on a more time-consuming project than you could during the evening, yet you can’t let it drag on too long as it has to be finished by the time work starts again. Last year over the bank holiday weekend did a DIY that I had wanted to for absolutely ages: painting my bookcase. I didn’t have a blog at the time but I did take photos so here they are.

I got this bookcase free from my old workplace when we had an office refit and although it is practical, it wasn’t very pretty. As I got it for free I didn’t mind spending more on paint so I indulged in some Annie Sloan chalk paint. This was my first time using this much-hyped brand and I have to say, I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I’d be.I started off by using masking tape to mark the areas I didn’t want to be painted grey; the insides of the bookcase and the edges of the shelves. I then painted the first coat of ‘Paris Grey’ on the bookcase and shelves. I loved the formula of this paint, it didn’t drip, it had good coverage and it didn’t smell too bad. It dried in an hour so I was able to do the second coat fairly quickly.

The ‘Scandinavian Pink’ paint was a completely different story. I started off by using masking tape on the edges where I wanted it to stay grey and then did my first coat. The paint went on so badly and I would not recommend it at all. There were so many drips and it would not stick to the wood. I did three coats of this over two days and eventually gave up trying to make it look neat.

After painting we used Annie Sloan wax to finish it off. It’s a really easy wax to use and isn’t messy at all. A year later it still hasn’t needed to be redone. Overall I think the bookcases were a success and I’d definitely recommend the Paris Grey paint. It’s a gorgeous colour as it is such a warm grey.

Here is the bookcase in all its glory at my old house. It is currently not looking quite so fancy as it is so full of books you can’t actually see the bookcase. It has certainly earned its keep in our flat!

I have another of these bookcases to paint so I’m crossing my fingers for good weather next bank holiday. Do you have any crafty plans for the bank holiday?


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