Cleo Dungaree Dress | The day to night dress challenge

Cleo Dungaree Dress | The day to night dress challenge

It will come as a surprise to no one that I, along with most of instagram, absolutely adore the Cleo dungaree dress. You can’t have a scroll through Instagram without seeing a few posts of people raving about it. It is a well deserved hype as it is so cute and comfy.

I haven’t wanted to take this dress off since I made it which has meant I’ve tried it with pretty much every clothing combination in my wardrobe. Living in London where flat space is precious means everything in your wardrobe has to work hard to deserve a place there. That means no “wear once and put away never to be seen again” party dresses. Everything has to work as a day and party outfit. For my interpretation of the day to night dress challenge I’ve chosen two of my favourite Cleo combinations to show you how you can take this look from daytime coffee to nighttime cocktails. And there is a lil’ review of the Cleo pattern to boot.

The details

Pattern: Cleo Dungaree Dress

View: Mini with front pocket

Fabric: Sewisfaction merlot corduroy

Difficulty: easy

Time: 2 evenings

Pattern review

Practically perfect in every way. Tilly’s instructions and photographic pictures are so easy to follow that there wasn’t one step I got stuck on. Except for attaching the back facing but that’s my own fault… I accidentally folded over the top part of the back piece when cutting out which meant it didn’t fit the facing. It wasn’t a big deal though as I just trimmed the facing to match.

Fabric review

This corduroy feels so soft and is an absolute dream to sew. It does malt a lot though when cutting out so be prepared with the vacuum cleaner!

Lessons learnt

Check the pattern isn’t folded under before cutting out…

Sew again?

I already have plans to make this in denim, black corduroy, floral and sequins lined up… I may be a little obsessed. If you are thinking of making this pattern just do it! I promise you it will become a wardrobe staple.

The daytime look

I wore this look on a bitterly cold day out in Camden to keep myself cosy. Throw on a jumper with your dungarees and no one knows you’re in fact wearing 2536482 layers underneath as you look stylish as hell! I’d definitely recommend sewing a size up if you are going to be layering for maximum comfort. Also, I saw 5 dungaree dresses in urban outfitters, none as nice as the Cleo obvs, so that basically means I’m hip and cool, right?

Styled with H&M jumper (similar here), Winnie the Pooh pin, Clark’s boots (not pictured but the best boots in the world).

The nighttime look

Pair heeled boots and a sparkly top and with any outfit and you are ready to hit the dancefloor! Or, in my case, ready to chat on the couch at a house party with a gin in hand.

Styled with Warehouse top (similar here), New Look boots (similar here), Disney Couture Kingdom bracelet (unintentionally also Winnie the Pooh themed!), Bourjois lipstick in xxx

If you are also living in a small flat like I do, or even if you live in a mansion (tea at yours?), then I whole-heartedly recommend looking through your wardrobe and experimenting with dressing clothes up or down to create new looks. That sensible work skirt that gets worn once a month? Whack on some heels and a sparkly top and you are party ready. The strapless dress you wore once for a wedding but won’t get another wear until summer? A t-shirt underneath or jumper on top makes it suitable for a coffee date with the girls.

Go forth and experiment! A whole new wardrobe awaits!

Alice-May x


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  1. May 28, 2018 / 8:52 am

    I had exactly the same pattern cutting mishap! Made the Tilly Buttons Joni last week and ended up with a waist which was way to small. Luckily I managed to rescue☺

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