DIY Christmas Stocking

DIY Christmas Stocking

After buying the fabric back in October for Christmas stockings it is no surprise that I only started making them less than a week before Christmas. I swear December feels shorter than any other month! Thankfully stockings are super quick and simple to make. I knew I wanted a padded stocking as they feel more substantial and the inside to look as nice as the outside so I self-drafted these. Including cutting time these only took me an hour and a half each, and I’m not a quick sewer.

To make these stockings you will need:

  • 1/2 metre main fabric – red cotton from The Village Haberdashery
  • 1/2 metre lining fabric – red and white gingham from my stash
  • 1 fat quarter (optional) – similar polar bear and penguin fabric from Fabrics Galore
  • 1/2 metre quilting lining – The Village Haberdashery
  • Thread matching both fabrics
  • Trimmings (optional)

Start by drafting your stocking shape and cutting out two in the lining fabric and two in the main fabric leaving room for a 1/2cm seam. If your fabrics have a right and wrong side make sure you have one facing each way in each fabric. Also cut two in the quilting lining but don’t leave room for the seam allowance.

Pin one lining and one main fabric together. Pin the other lining and main together the opposite way around so you have one with the main fabric on top and one with the main fabric beneath. Using a medium length straight stitch, sew around the outside of each side. Trim the excess.

Turn them both inside out and insert one of the quilting lining pieces inside each. You may need to trim the quilting a bit in some places.

Measure where you want your top piece to go on each side and cut two out. Gold in half, right sides together, and pin. Fold up the open end and iron. Sew down the two edges. Trim any excess and fold right way out.

Slide one on to each side and make sure they line up. If your fabric has a correct way up make sure this side is showing on the main fabric side.

Cut a strip on fabric for the handle and fold the edges in, then fold in half and iron.

Lay pieces right sides together with the handle inside at an angle. Sew the two sides together with a 1/4cm allowance, making sure you trap the handle in. Turn right side out.

Add any trimming you want and ta-dah! You have your very own Christmas stocking ready for Santa to fill with lovely things. Don’t forget to hang it up by the fireplace, or if you don’t have a pretty mantelpiece a bookcase with Christmas cards and a gin advent calendar works just as well.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season full of happiness and joy. Merry Christmas! Xx


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